Reduce Days Sale Outstanding

Instantly add accountability to accounts receivable.
Debie lets you report invoice payments to the major business bureaus within minutes, this helps you get paid 15% faster.
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Track & Action Late Payments

Your favorite accounting software can keep track of overdue invoices. It may also give you the option to send your customers reminder emails about their overdue invoices.

With Debie you can take your collections process one step further by reminding customers that their overdue payments will be made public if not paid in full within the grace period.

Become a Preferred Vendor

65% of Customers surveyed would prefer to work with supplier that give them credit for on-time payments. This is because on time and in full payments benefit their business credibility, unlocking many market opportunities, and better Net Terms. With Debie you can attract better quality customers, all while deterring late payers.

Notify customers across all platforms.

Let all new and existing customers know that you are a business that rewards customers who pay on-time. You can link to your custom Debie reporting page on your website, email communications and invoices.

How it works

Import Data

Connect with your online accounting software

Sort & View

View your categorized invoices and customers

Review & Submit

Review your report and submit with a single click

More effective than a 'friendly' reminder.
Less 'harsh' than a legal notice.

Overdue Reminders
Interest Charge
Legal Action

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Total Reporting Flexibility

The biggest barrier to reporting is the lack of flexibility. With Debie you're in total control. Don’t want to report some of your counterparties? You choose. Does a customer need more time to pay your invoice? No problem. Only want to automate reporting for new buyers? Easy. We're business owners too and we know that some business relationships can be fragile. We put you in the drivers seat.
Debie gives you total flexibility. You choose who gets reported and for what.

Privacy and Security

Our platform utilizes bank-grade security; this means that your data is stored and transferred using AES-256-bit encryption. Debie is the only accountability solution that uses end-to-end encryption for your data. Debie doesn’t change any settings on your chosen accounting software. We simply process your data and categorize it within our reporting platform.

Join the big companies

Large companies have already solved for their collections problems. They speed up their collections while improving customer retention using accountability. Now everyone can with Debie.

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