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Debie helps speed up receivables.
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Businesses Looking to Report

Reporting adds payments accountability to your invoices and reminders. Reward your customers for paying on time and discourage them from paying late or not paying at all. Improve on-time receivables and reduce working capital for your business using Debie.
Whether you have 1 employee or 1000, Debie can work for you.
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Fintechs Looking to Build

Differentiate your fintech product with accountability. Debie solves a real problem for your customers and relies on a simple API integration. Instantly add a meaningful feature to your product - without building it from scratch.
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Debie is your accountability layer.
We make payment accountability quick, simple and affordable.

Why use Debie

We are the quickest, easiest and most flexible way to add accountability to your payments. Debie not only manages the process we also provide tools to let you manage the communications with your customers. The mix of both is what gets you paid faster.

Save the hassle and cost

Setting up accountability on your own or using third parties takes considerable time and effort. In addition to the time, it usually requires hiring new staff and many thousands of dollars in contingencies. By acting as the sole source of accountability, Debie greatly reduces the cost and time required.
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